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Sultry Haze is a Poetic Journey into Burlesque

Feisty Fuego narrates Sultry Haze, weaving cheeky poetry and sultry burlesque/
Feisty Fuego by Talon Reed Cooper Photography

Have you ever found yourself dreaming about what the life of a showgirl is like? Have you ever wanted to peek into the life of showbiz?


Feisty Fuego wrote and will narrate poetic stories throughout Sultry Haze, setting the scene and giving you intimate insight of working at a burlesque club.


From the perspectives of the bartender, to the band, to the patrons, to the showgirls themselves, experience storytelling and watch us peel and tease through a night of sleaze.


This is burlesque like you've yet to experience, and we hope to see you there.

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