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Feisty Fuego

Playful and Sensual Burlesque. Producer. Artist. Llama.

Hello. My name is Feisty Fuego. I have been a San Diego based burlesque performer since 2010–originally as Eva Mae Garnet. But things change, and you may now call me Feisty. Nice to meet you!

Art and performance has always been at the nucleus of my joy. It was the only thing that seemed to make sense in my ever racing brain. The vulnerability and passion I share on stage while connecting with my audience is a most cherished energy. From the beginning I wanted to express myself in every medium possible. Building environments, designing costumes, creating acts, and painting are the ways I express myself best. It's my communication style– my love language. 

I was put on this earth to create and share. So thank you for joining me here! Your interest and support means the world. Keep your eyes out for upcoming projects as I continue to build out this site. 

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