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Meet The Band for Sultry Haze

Armed with an arsenal of lethal instruments ready to groove the masses and light up the stage, Soul Ablaze arrives on the scene exuding melodic, hypnotic tunes. Through the flavor that Soul Ablaze brings to the table, we get a taste of an unimagined tomorrow with nostalgic glimmers of yesterday. Peeking out from beneath the band’s refreshing sound are the influences of Jimi Hendrix, Sade, Prince, Miles Davis, and Midnite.

The instrumentation and vocals of Soul Ablaze meld together in a perfect swirl of funky fantastic, dirty delightful and bluesy stew of music.

"It’s very important to remain true to my soul," says Verdell. This music circulates from the heart and crystallizes in the bones. It’s a laid back, magical love affair waiting to capture the instant attention of soulful beings yearning for a little more funk in their lives.

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