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Burlesque Act Catalogue

Feisty Fuego_Sunrise Veil Act shot by Slowhand Photography

Sunrise, Sunset

A beautiful burlesque veil number with sharp poses, emphatic flowing movements and jaw dropping costume reveals.

Feisty Fuego performing her award winning Blaze Starr Tribute Act at Arizona Burlesque Festival.

Blaze Starr Tribute

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Crazy performed by Feisty Fuego in Toronto.jpeg

Crazy Chartreuse

They broke your heart, but they can't break you. A fiercely femme revelry of strength and self-discovery. 

The Lonely Eyelid captures Feisty Fuego performing at Frisky Funk in La Mesa, California.

The Red Light is On

While the light is on, the movements are subtle and intimate, and the reactions are zealous and overwhelming.

Feisty Fuego performing at the Sycamore Den in San Diego.jpg

Pink Makes It All Good

Playful, fun, and sensual. Full of lustful smiles and dazzling lewks ready to slay the room. 

Feisty Fuego at the Lafayette Hotel.JPG

Purple Strut

She's a broad ready to make an appearance with a cheeky smile and a wink. 

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Burlesque is a theatrical striptease embellished with lavish costumes and entertainment value that your guests will continue to talk about. 

For Producers

Below you can find full videos of the following acts:

Crazy Chartreuse

Pink Makes It All Good

Blaze Starr Tribute

The Red Light Is On

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