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Pin Up Photoshoot with Angela Morales Photography

Updated: Jan 5

My first ever full pin-up photoshoot experience with Angela Morales Photography in 2012 during Viva Las Vegas. The red costume I had made for a fire fan act that I had created and no business performing. (That's a whole other story and long predates Feisty Fuego.)

The vintage nightie was loaned to me from Dottie DeVille's personal collection. I wasn't sure about how it would look on me at first because of my wariness of pastels and nudes, but I really love the delicate beauty it brought out in me, instead of my fierce and sassy default.

Photos Angela Morales Photography

Model Feisty Fuego

Red Costume Feisty Fuego

Vintage Nightie Dottie Deville

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