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SD Voyager Interview

APRIL 4, 2019, SD Voyager Interview

Note: Up until 2020, my stage name was Eva Mae Garnet.

SD Voyager Interview- Feisty Fuego competing at Viva Las Vegas Tim Hunter Photography

Today we’d like to introduce you to Eva Mae Garnet [Feisty Fuego].

Thanks for sharing your story with us. So, let’s start at the beginning, and we can move on from there.

In 2010, I auditioned for my first burlesque troupe on a whim. I was new to San Diego, and looking for a creative outlet. At the time, my only experience with burlesque was through old images of Bettie Page and Tempest Storm, and of course, Dita Von Teese. After two auditions, I was accepted as a troupe member and performed my first solo Valentine’s Day 2011.

After a couple of years, I left that troupe and helped to establish another here in San Diego. A year later I would take on a co-producing role, and we would go on to perform throughout San Diego at various venues and events including the San Diego Fringe Festival, Music Box, and 98 Bottles. Two years ago, my co-producer, Ginger N. Whiskey, and I decided to step away to focus on our personal performer goals and rediscover our love of the artform.

Together we created Whiskey & Fuego, our production company and duet act that we perform under. We have traveled up and down the west coast performing, and have even taken our act to the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender and the London Burlesque Festival. Currently, we have a monthly residency at the Sycamore Den called “Burlesque Boogie Nights,” a 70’s burlesque show that takes pride in showcasing various performers throughout southern California, as well as traveling performers whenever we are lucky enough to have them.

As a soloist, I have had the privilege of performing throughout the United States and Europe. I love to compete, mostly as a means to push myself and my creative vision, and have been awarded 2nd runner up at the Miss Viva Las Vegas Burlesque competition in 2015, ‘Most Classic’ at the 2017 Arizona Burlesque Festival, and named as a finalist at the 2016 World Burlesque Games in London.

SD Voyager Interview Richard Marz Photography- Feisty Fuego

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc. – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?

I don’t believe anything worth fighting for is ever a smooth road. I had my daughter pretty early in my burlesque career, so finding the balance between mother and artist is forever evolving. I performed up until I was almost 7 1/2 months pregnant, all while helping to establish a new troupe. I am fortunate enough to have an incredibly supportive husband though who pushes me to continue my dreams even when I am in the clutches of “mom guilt.”

Also, leaving my last troupe was really hard. It was one of those situations where I loved everything that I helped create and was incredibly proud of all we had established, but I knew it wasn’t right for me anymore. There were relationships that were ended, friendships that took on a different life, and plenty of tears shed, but I’m proud to say that they are doing just fine and have found their own niche and voice for the troupe, as have Ginger and I with Whiskey & Fuego. I also took that time to really focus on myself, both artistically and personally, and feel like I can see major growth in such a short period of time.

SD Voyager Interview Adam Robertson Photography- Feisty Fuego

So, as you know, we’re impressed with Whiskey & Fuego – tell our readers more, for example, what you’re most proud of as a company and what sets you apart from others.

Whiskey & Fuego has been my favorite creative endeavor thus far! Ginger and I compliment each other really well. She was a dance major in school, and I love to costume, so together our acts tend to come out very organically. We are currently working on an act that is rather different than anything we have done so far. It’s modern, dark yet light, and involves more storytelling than we have done in the past.

We also produce a monthly show at the Sycamore Den called “Burlesque Boogie Nights.” Last November we celebrated our two year anniversary. Sycamore Den has become a second family to us, and we are very grateful to them for trusting us with this vision and letting us shake our booties on their stage. It’s every last Thursday of the month with no cover charge if you ever want to join in on the fun.

SD Voyager Interview- Whiskey & Fuego

So, what’s next? Any big plans?

My husband and I own a video production company, A.L. Squared Productions, so this year we have been focusing on creating visual stories that are whimsical and avant-garde. He and I spend hours coming up with fun ideas that will take viewers on a journey or can be used to create an interactive experience. I’ve stepped back from producing big productions these last few years, but I’m starting to crave that thrill again. I’ve just been taking my time to let my ideas take shape so that I do them justice and figure out how to combine all my passions into one fantastic event.

SD Voyager Interview- Alex Kacha Photography Whiskey & Fuego

Image Credit:

Tim Hunter Photography

Richard Marz Photography

Adam Robertson Photography

New Vintage Photo by Andre Sara

Alexandra Kacha Photography

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